“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.” – Harry A. Ironside

Back in July, we had the opportunity to spend time with our kids and grandkids at a very nice campground. One day, I was with one of my granddaughters at the playground. She wanted to enjoy the seesaw. Can you see the obvious problem we faced; 9-year-old granddaughter on one end, decades-older grandpa on the other? As hard as I tried to push off, I could barely get her toes to touch the ground. When they would touch, the moment was fleeting as she would be vaulted back toward the sky. She was powerless to control things on her end and the balance would very quickly return to my side.

I think that worry can sometimes be like that. We try to maintain a happy existence, but worry can creep in. Sometimes, the worries of life can overwhelm to the point that we feel helpless to maintain our balance.

Rev. Ironside was onto something when he said that “we would worry less if we praised more.” If the balance between inner peace and the chaos of worry are at opposite ends of the seesaw, whichever one receives the most weight is the one in control.

In this month of Thanksgiving, perhaps we could regain the balance by focusing in a more positive direction. The more we allow our minds to rest on our blessings, the less room there is to worry. We just might see the seesaw tipping toward our side.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” – Philippians 4:6 (ESV)

If you need to get your feet on the ground of peace, try inviting God onto your end of the seesaw. Be thankful. Give your worries to Him and watch them drift away.

May God be with you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving.

Pastor Randy