“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” – Jesus.

Often focused on expressions of romantic love, Valentine’s Day takes on a deeper meaning when viewed through the lens of love and service to others, especially by volunteering with hospice care. Hospice care involves providing compassionate support to individuals facing their end of life. Volunteering with hospice provides a unique opportunity to show love, empathy and support to those who may be experiencing serious challenges at this time.

Volunteering with hospice offers an opportunity to provide companionship and comfort to individuals who may feel isolated or alone. Whether it’s engaging in meaningful conversations, listening to stories or simply offering a comforting presence, volunteers play a key role in improving the quality of life for hospice patients. By extending love and compassion in the form of time and companionship, volunteers help alleviate feelings of loneliness and provide much-needed emotional support during a vulnerable time in a person’s life.

Hospice volunteering extends beyond serving just the patients, but also to their family members and caregivers. Supporting through respite care, practical help or emotional companionship can provide much-needed relief and validation to them. By sharing their burdens and offering a listening ear or a helping hand, volunteers demonstrate love and empathy for caregivers who often sacrifice their own well-being to care for their loved ones. In this way, hospice volunteering becomes a profound act of love and service, extending compassion and support to those who need it most during life’s most challenging moments.


Greg Dill, Spiritual Counselor